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The ways of our ancestors from natural tribal cultures and warriors are very old yet dynamic and full of change. They help us to be in close touch with Nature and one another. They give us power to create our own identity, confidence, and understanding of our own actions and motives. Mythological aspects are very real and eternal. Did you know that dragons still exist? Do you know how to ask an elf or an animal for advice? Do you know that herbs can actually be asked to heal you and employ their spiritual powers in addition to physical properties? What are Nature, Love, and Beauty? How can fire and water create life? Almost every original natural tribal culture had answers to these and many other questions. The knowledge of our ancestors can help us today not only in personal development, but also in our social and environmental crises. The collective purpose of warriors has always been simple: to help. Warriors fight, protect, defend, and create. They do not sit all day without taking action, they simply act. Warriors have always had special relationships with healers, their community, and all of Nature. They are known by many names today, one of them is Light Warriors. Their mission is everlasting and eternal. Our ancestors had their own moral code and trickster stories that described its function in action. The moral code was not simply made up and written, it was observed from Nature and its reactions to our actions. There was a very deep understanding; not superstitions, dogmas, or superficial experiments. And finally, there was also a warrior code – The Honor – that helped warriors define their place in this world. Unfortunately, the sacred ways of order were misused by poison and people with bad intentions along with other ideas. Warriors are here to get rid of the poison including collective insecurity and help others evolve. They protect Nature and innocent ones. The Warrior Code explains these and many other topics. It can help you realize the negative influences that constantly attack all of us and discover your own identity so you can develop confidence, Love, and the meaning of life. This book also serves as a call for Unity among warriors. Enjoy!

Here is a list of stories included in the book:

The following short chapters are also available as articles. However, it is better to read the book first so you can get an overall picture and understand their meaning.
The Moral Code (The Truth)
The Warrior Code (The Honor)
Levels of the Creation

The Power of Nature
A short story about a Celtic warrior who tries to protect his nation against the Roman Empire; this story serves as an invitation and explains the basic topics of the book including ancestral knowledge, Nature, healing and poison, warriors, healers and blacksmiths, sorcerers and soldiers, society, and mythological aspects.

The Story of Mighty Winner
A long story that explains the beginnings of every warrior and their effort to fulfill their vision and purpose; it is a story about a Slavic warrior who faces assimilation and the expanding influence of centralized societies while he tries to fulfill his mission given to him by the Sun. It is full of teachings including basic, mythological, ritualistic, and higher spiritual knowledge and it kind of serves as a basis for the entire book.

Mountains of Purified Sunlight
Not exactly a story but rather an explanation of daily lives of warriors that includes sunrise rituals, purification rituals, exorcism, proper gathering of herbs, hunting and agreements with animals, the ways of warriors, vision quests, wars, and Earth healing ceremonies. The story is told by a Cherokee warrior; it includes basic teachings about the importance of being good, communication, and so on. It is very balanced and can serve as a manual.

Unpredictable Visions
A longer story that further develops the already mentioned teachings and shows their consequences in action; the story describes the concept of past lives, soul-mates, powers, and repossession. It connects the plots of the previous and following stories in a very interesting way, everything from the perspective of a Lakota warrior who lives on the Great Plains.

Tales from the Eternal Sun
A more abstract story that tries to explain the very beginning of warriors and the Creation; it also contains a lot of teachings and tries to provide a common picture that is usual for many natural tribal cultures. The main topic is the collective purpose of warriors and all of humanity. By the way, are we alone in the Universe?

Lado and Love
A short story that provides examples for some of the seemingly abstract teachings of Tales from the Eternal Sun; the story is a direct continuation of The Story of Mighty Winner and it compares Love, Nature, Beauty, and other things in a very sensual and sexual way. It gives a common meaning to the previous stories and finishes their teachings. Because it contains more elements of creative writing, it may make some people feel a little bit uncomfortable yet put a smile on their face.

Bonus articles:


Two Feelings – a Creation myth from the perspective of feelings, attitudes, and archers


Small Communities – ideas on how to evolve into a society that appreciates relationships and Nature

First Four Steps Toward A Better Word – a few simple steps we all can take

… The famous Country Music singer John Denver was a very kind, warm, and loving person yet he was determined and fought in a very positive way before the senate against a bad censorship people had created out of insecurity. He told them that the important thing was values including proper education of children and not superficial rules that, for example, served as an excuse for parents. He also loved Nature and his lyrics and melodies are filled with Nature’s Beauty. He was the true Light Warrior. Other people you might be interested in are the Native American activists Russell Means, the Country Music legend Johnny Cash, the famous singer John Lennon, and many others usually among common people …


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